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President Jin doo, Kim photo

President Jin doo

The first theological university of Korea.The first ce-ed university of Korea.The hub of the nation's ndependence movement. I  truly welcome you to the home page of the MethodistTheological University, the leading university of this global age.

  • President’s Greetings
    May God’s peace and grace be with you! The Methodist Theological University, founded in 1887 by Methodist missionary Henry G. Appenzeller, is the first Seminary in Korea. MTU has produced many distinguished graduates and professors such as Shin Suk-Koo and Oh Hwa-Young and seven others who were among the 33 leaders of the March First Independence Movement; Rev. Hyun Soon and Rev. Son Jung-Do who were cabinet members of the Sanghai provisional government of Korea; Choi Yong-Shin who was the inspiration for the leading character in the novel Sang Rok Soo; Missionary Robert
  • Alexander Hardie who led the revival movement of 1907; the well-known evangelist Lee Young-Do; President Choi Byung-Hun and President Yun Sung-Bum who were leaders of national evangelization.
  • MTU will keep the proud tradition and open a new era through the development campaign for full scholarships covering all graduate school students, nurturing global leaders, and producing mature and competent pastors.
  • I would like to invite you to join this movement and continue support through prayer and active partnership with us.