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2011.11.23 Signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the Exchange of Students with Victoria University in the University of Toronto.
2010.11.12 Agreement of cooperation for the academic and educational exchange programs with Kenya Methodist University, Kenya.
2010.07.27 Agreement of cooperation for the exchange of student with kwansei Gakuin University, Hyogo, Japan.
2010.06 Developed a Committee for Advancement & Cooperation (62 officials).
2010.03.01 Establishment of a Credit Bank System.
2009.09.29 122th Commemorative Concert is held.
2008.10.07 Dr. Hongki Kim is appointed as the 12th President.
2008.03.01 The English name of the school is changed to "Methodist Theological University."
2008.03.01 Official announcement of the University Identity.
2007.10.02 120th Anniversary Worship service of the university is held.
2007.04.24 Opening of the history museum.
2006.11 Via Dolorosa is built.
2005.04.04 The parking lot is completed(2 basement floors and 1 ground floor).
2005.02.21 Jangcheon dormitories are completed(2 basement floors and 7 above ground)
2004.10.12 Dr. Oe-shik Kim is appointed as the 11th president
2004.03.01 MTS executes an undergraduate policy and sets up the department of the theology (theology major, Christian education major, philosophy of religion major) in its undergraduate school.
2003.10.28 Wesley Chapel is completed (1 basement level, 2 floors above ground, total area of 2.16㎡).
2000.10.05 Dr. Deuk-joong Kim is appointed as the 10th president.