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1998.10 In the national university general assessment, MTS is graded most excellent theological seminary, and its research along with finances, administration areas were considered ‘very good.’
1999. 03. 23 100th anniversary memorial building is completed (3 basement levels, 7 above ground/ 9,998㎡)
1997. 10. 25 Ministry of education gives permission for MTS to establish a graduate school of pastoral theology (M. Div).
1997. 02. 27 Dr. Phil-hyung Yum is appointed as the ninth president.
1995. 02. 20 Bishop Jong-su Lee is appointed as the eighth president (succeeding all the previous deans).
1993. 03. 01 Ministry of Education allows name change to Methodist Theological Seminary (gamligyo-sinhakdaehakgyo), and the title of ‘dean’ (hakjang) becomes ‘president’ (chongjang).
1992. 08. 10 Dr. Tuck-kwan Koo is appointed as the seventh dean.
1988. 08. 10 Dr. Sun-hwan Pyun is appointed as the sixth dean.
1985. 10. 30 The Department of Christian Education becomes ‘the Department of Christian Educational Studies.’
1985. 07. 05 Dr. Gil-sop Song is appointed as the fifth dean.
1982. 10. 05 Ministry of Education allows the establishment of a philosophy of religion department.
1982. 06. 29 "Jonghapgwan" (Academic complex) is completed and opened.
1981. 07. 15 The Yong-ok Kim Memorial Building (Library) is completed and opened.
1981. 02. 14 Dr. Pong-bae Park is appointed as the fourth dean.
1980. 11. 24 Ministry of Education allows the establishment of a graduate school of theology.
1980. 09. 30 Ministry of Education allows expansion of faculty and personal from ’81 and also permission to establish a Christian Education department.
1980. 03. 15 Ministry of Education allows joint-doctoral degree program to be established at MTS.
1980. 02. 11 Dr. Yong-ok Kim is appointed as the third dean.
1977. 06 Dr. Sung-bum Yun is appointed as the second dean.
1971. 01. 23 Ministry of Education allows construction of a graduate school.
1970. 01. 06 MTS allowed to establish a teacher training course for earning a teaching license.
1964. 01. 21 Ministry of Education closes Methodist Theological Seminary (gamligyosinhakgyo) and accredits Methodist Theological Seminary (gamligyosinhakdaehak) (4-year curriculum).
1962. 03. 06 A temporary exemption law of the Ministry of Education changes the school regulations and changes the school’s name to Methodist Theological Seminary (gamligyosinhakgyo). (curriculum is 5-years; 2 years prep and 3 years regular courses)
1960. 10. 31 Opening of completed university main hall.
1959. 03. 21 Dr. Harold S. Hong is appointed as the first dean.
1957. 03. 21 Receives permission from the Ministry of Education to establish the endowed Methodist Graduate School of Theology.
1951. 05. 04 Due to the Korean War, MTU moves to and holds temporary classes at Pusan.
1950. 04. 01 system is reformed to a 4 year program.
1935. 04. 05 Changes to 5 year (2 years preparatory, 3 years regular courses) program.
1931. 12. 14 Ministry of Education accredits Methodist Theological Seminary (gamligyosinhakdaehak) and begins to offer 4 year co-ed professional school education (Ministry of Education No. 792).
1925. 04 The Union Women’s Theological School, which resided at Choongjeongro 3-ga no. 8, joins with the Union MTS.
1910. 04 The missions departments of Northern and Southern Methodist Episcopal Churches purchase land at Naengchun 31, Seoul to establish the Union Methodist Theological Seminary.
1907. 06 The Missions department of the Southern Methodist Episcopal Church
1887. 09 The Korean Missions Committee of the American Methodist Church (Annual Conference report of 1888) first begins to teach theology to Korean students for the purpose of cultivating Korean ministers.