Distinguished Alumnae

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Choi Byung Hun [1858-1927] The first Korean Theologian , the pioneer of indigenous theology

Son Jung Do [1872-1931] Head of the Korean Provisional government in 1919 and a missionary sent to China.

Chun Duck Gi [1875-1914] A national leaders of the Korean Independence movement and Minister and Minjung(the oppressed) against the rule.

Sin Suck Gu [1875-1950] One of the thirty-three signers of the 1919 Declaration of independence against the rule of Japanese imperialism.

Lee Yong Do [1901-1933] The most famous evangelist during the Japanese rule.

Jung Kyoung Wook [1903-1945] A distinguished professor of systematic theology.

Choi Yong Sin [1909-1935] The main character of the famous Korean novel, The Evergreen Tree, written by Shim Hun. The founder of a movement for the enlightenment of the rural areas.