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Department of Theology

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DEPARTMENT OF THEOLOGY - Nurturing pastors to serve the Methodistt Churh Raise leaders who are able to lead the nation andits People Produce Spiritual leaders to serve the world in the Global Context

Educational Goal

  • MTU strives to provide education that is Biblical, Experiential and Ecumenical to produce able and well-rounded pastors to promote spiritual maturity of the faith community, national leaders through the practice of piety and prayer and intellectual pursuit to bring social transformation, and those to lead and serve the church in the global context.

Educational Process

  • In order to produce effective and ideal leaders, required courses and variety of electives are offered enabling the students to select an area of study to concentrate on. In addition, continual development of curriculums such as language courses like English and German, as well as Philosophy and Psychology courses that are relevant in the 21stcenturyintheglobalcontext,worktoproducepastorswhocanmeetthechallengesoftoday’sworld.

Career Direction

  • Upon completing the requirements of the seminary and two years of graduate studies, students are able to pursue vocations such as pastors of the Korean Methodist Churches, missionaries, worship leaders, social workers, communicators, or choose to further their studies abroad.