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Department of Christian Education

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DEPARTMENT OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION - Nurture Christian Educators to serve in the local chutch setting Produce Religious Educator to serve in the school setting Cultivate specialists who will promote and support lifelong Education

Educational Goal

  • Established in 1981, the Department of Christian Education has produced many excellent Christian educators by nurturing those who are called to this special ministry by offering theological and educational learning in theory and practice on location, whether in the local churches or in the community setting ministering and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children, youth, adult and older adults. Also, building upon the foundation of theology and education theory, the department seeks to research and develop curriculums that positively influence the churches and community organizations.

Educational Process

  • The Department of Christian Education boasts top quality faculty in the country and offers diverse and creative programs of Alternative Christian Education, development of Christian Education Curriculum, Research of Education Theology relating to the practical Christian Education for the future generation.

Career Direction

  • Christian Education Pastor who can be responsible for an education area in the local church setting.
    Based upon the learning from the undergraduate level, be responsible for children, youth, young adult and/or adult education program.
    Christian Educator to oversee Christian Education area.
    As a layperson, Christian Educator is a professional who oversees and directs the overall structure of the ministries/programs through planning and implementation.
    Teacher in the religious and secular school setting 10% of graduates of this degree seek career in religious and/or secular school setting by obtaining teacher certifications for religious education.
    Educator to oversee Christian Education in the social services organization Those who complete the “life educator” courses and practicum receive certification to serve in the social services organization or faith based organizations such as YMCA or YWCA.