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Department of Philosophy of Religion

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DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION - Produce religious leaders to lead the Korean Churches and the society Produce scholas to lead the study o philosophy Religion Produce specialist for lifelong Education

Educational Goal

  • The department of Philosophy of Religion practices holistic approach of studying all related areas such as Philosophy of religion, Eastern and Western Philosophy and study of Religion. Established in 1982, it is the first of its kind in the country and also uncommon in the world. The department endeavors to produce pastors and religious leaders who are spiritually, intellectually and philosophically equipped to meet the modern challenges.

Educational Process

  • The curriculum for the Philosophy of Religion seeks to offer Christian views to the challenging questions of the secular studies beyond the boundaries of the church and Christian theology. First of all, as a part of the seminary education, the curriculum is based upon Christian theological understanding encompassing academic studies such as Biblical studies, church history, ethics as well as practical studies such as pastoral counseling, preaching and worship. Additionally, the department provides the opportunity to study and research major religions of the world such as Confucianism, Buddhism, Islam and Judaism all the while formulating Christian and theological responses to the challenging questions in this intellectual undertaking.

Career Direction

  • Ministry or Mission More than half of the graduates from this program enroll in the seminary to become ordained pastors in the Korean Methodist Church or serve in the mission fields of 84 countries including Africa. Studying world religions in the undergraduate courses equips the students to serve effectively as missionaries in the cross-cultural setting. Career beyond the boundaries of Religion or Philosophy Those graduates after studying Religion and Philosophy move onto a career that builds on their learning as Christian Communicator through the medium of news papers or broadcasting. Some even embark on a career in the cultural medium in the movie industry expressing one’s religious and philosophical views.