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Major Field Name School Name(Graduate)
Old Testament Wang, Tai-il Claremont Graduate University(USA)
Lim, Sang-Kook 日本 立敎大學 大學院
Yi, Hwan-Jin New York University(USA)
New Testament Yoo,Tae-Yeab Claremont Graduate University(USA)
Cho,Kyung-Chul Tubingen(Germany)
Im,Jin-Su KirchlicheHochschule Bethel(Germany)
Systematic Theology Park,Jong-Chun Emory University (USA)
Song,Sung-Jin Southern Methodist University (USA)
Kim,Jung-Sook Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary (Ph. D.)
Historical Theology Lee, Eun-Jae University of Tuebingen (Germany)
Lee, Hoo-Jung Emory University (USA)
Rhie, Duck-Ju Methodist Theological University (Korea)
Ethics and Theology Yoo,Kyoung-dong Vanderbilt University (USA)
Lee ,Sung-Lim Northwestern University (Ph.D)
Practical Theology Park, Chang-hyun Augustana-HochschuleNeuendettelsau (Germany)
Chang, Sung-Bae United Theological Seminary (USA)
Lee, Sung-Min Drew University (USA)
Hong, Young-Taek University of Denver &Iliff School of Theology (USA)
Park, Hae-Jung Drew University(USA)
Christian Theology
Kim, Young-Lae Columbia University (USA)
Yuh, Sung-Hoon Claremont School of Theology (USA)
Oh, Sung-Joo Chicago Theological Seminary (USA)
Philosophy of Religion Jang, Wang-Shik Claremont Graudate School (USA)
Han, Jung-Sun University of Hamburg (Germany)
General Studies Lee, Hyun-Ju Ewha Woman's University (Korea)
Park, Eun-Young Ewha Woman's University (Korea)