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Jang Chun Hall

  • Since 2005, Jang Chun hall has been home to all students in undergraduate studies and graduate school as well as foreign students from all over the world. The hall is named in honor of Bishop Sun Do Kim (’55, Kwang Lim Church) who dedicated the building, using his pen name “Jang Chun”. Jang Chun Hall is 7 floors above ground, 2 floors under ground with two wings (A and B) containing 150 dormitory rooms, cafeteria with capacity seating of 250, chapel, prayer room, fitness center, laundry room, lounge and computer room.

Educational Purpose of the Dormitory

  • Dormitory is a space of study, fellowship and worship for students. Jang Chun Hall seeks to provide a balanced education of “Piety, Intellect, Practice” where life, academic and spirituality come together to raise leaders for the Methodist church to proclaim the Gospel and build up the Kingdom of God. As M.T.U. (Mutual Trust Union) as the motto, the life in Jang Chun Hall is all about creating a community of servanthood and sharing.

Life in Jang Chun Hall

  • Jang Chun Hall exists to provide the best learning atmosphere and environment for the students. Each room is designed for two occupants where an upper class and a new student are assigned in order to help the new student learn the tradition and culture of MTU and also to cultivate a mentoring relationship. Also, the residents organize themselves, electing “Hall officers” and “floor supervisors” to advocate for the residents to improve the dormitory life and sponsor occasional events such as “open house” to promote life at Jang Chun to visitors.

Jang Chun Hall Facilities

  • For the safety of the students, Jang Chun Hall is equipped with “key card” security system where only the residents with the key card has access. Each room is equipped with private bathroom, Internet access, two beds, desks and chairs. Laundry room facility is available for free in two locations. Fitness room and lounges with TV are also available for residents. To promote spiritual growth of the seminary students, prayer room on the 7thfloorandthechapelonthe-1stfloorareopentostudentsaroundtheclock.

Spiritual Formation

  • For balanced spiritual growth and academic learning, Jang Chun Hall provides many spiritual opportunities. Every semester, a guest preacher is invited for spiritual revival meetings. Every Tuesday to Friday morning at 6AM, early Morning Prayer service is offered at Wesley chapel. Residents take part in the liturgy of these services and they are encouraged to attend. Every Monday through Thursday night at 10PM, residents gather for Bible reading and intercessory prayer praying for the country, people, church, school and other residents. This is an opportunity for residents to have intimate time with God. Also, last Monday of the month, the residents gather in small groups for prayer and fellowship continuing the Methodist tradition of covenant discipleship groups. Jang Chun Hall works hard to provide a nurturing environment for its residents.