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Center for Contemporary Christian Ethics

  • The center seeks to guide pastors and seminarians in analyzing various ethical situations in the ministry setting based upon the principle of Jesus Christ’s ethical standards

Center for Peace and Human Rights in Asia

  • Established behind the Wesley Chapel, this meditation path consists of several stations depicting the sufferings of Christ during his walk to his nailing on the cross.

Christian Education Research Center

  • The Christian Education research center seeks creative and practical ways to apply the theory of Christian Education in local church settings and ministry locations.

Christian Institute for the Integral Studies

  • In light of rapidly changing academic landscape in the 21stcentury, the center promotes conversations among all academic disciplines such as Eastern and Western philosophy, natural sciences, medicine, literature, ecology, feminist studies, sociology, folklore and Christian theology so that the learning can be used to offer fresh insights to the ministry and to keep the message relevant.

Ecumenical Center

  • The Ecumenical Center promotes dialogue among the churches of Korea, Asia and the global world by introducing theological rationale of the WCC on Ecumenism.

Institute for Spiritual Theology

  • To meet the spiritual needs of our post-modern era and also to promote spiritual growth, the institute seeks varied spiritual practices that would help Christians to become Disciples of Christ. The institute offers Holy Communion, spiritual formation programs and meditative prayers during the school year.

Institute for the Biblical and Cultural Studies

  • Focusing on New Testament Theology, this institute researches ways to help pastors, lay persons and seminary students to understand the scripture and apply it in their lives by learning the cultural and historical background and the circumstances in which the scripture was written.

Institute for Word and Sacrament

  • The purpose of the Institute for Word and Sacrament is academic research of worship and preaching. Utilizing the information gathered in practice, models of worship and preaching are sought that are faithful to the tradition, biblically based, spiritual and incorporating culture and music.

Institute of Biblical Archaeology

  • The purpose of the Institute of Biblical Archaeology is to go beyond the historical literary criticism, examining artifacts and archeological literature through the lens of social science and anthropological considerations to ascertain historical evidence of the word of God.

Institute of Biblical Studies

  • Institute of Biblical Studies focuses on translation and interpretation of the Old Testament and strives to aid pastors offering workshops providing commentaries and sermon aids.

Institute of Korean Theological Studies

  • Continuing the tradition of MTU, the institute of Korean Theological Studies compiles materials of the process of indigenization of Korean Christianity and develops models that will help with mission in multi-religious settings. In addition, the institute researches the relationship between culture and Christianity in consultation with the Ecumenical Asian Theology.

Institution for Future Church

  • Established for theological and ministry studies of the future churches in the ever changing cultures by encompassing past and future, formulating practical ideas and solutions for the ministry through cooperation with international future church research organizations in order to assist churches with visions of ministry and global missions.

Methodist Institute of Missiological Studies

  • The purpose of the Methodist Institute of Missiological studies is to research the theology and methods of mission in the Methodist tradition. Since Missiology is the study of the mission of the church, the institute studies local churches and mission-oriented organizations.

Pastoral Counseling Institute at MTU

  • An academic research center where graduate students present their research projects and discuss their findings on the subject of Pastoral Counseling. The Center also offers counseling to undergraduate students.

Research Center on the Theology of John Wesley

  • The Research Center on the Theology of John Wesley studies John Wesley’s practical theology of ministry and applies it in the context of the modern Korean churches and its mission. Also, the center focuses on utilizing John Wesley’s concept of Jubilee on the process of raising consciousness toward the reunification of Korea.

The Center for Philosophy of Religion and Theology

  • Meaning "thank you" in Italian, the Grazie cafe at MTU boasts tasty bagels and affordable coffee and is located on the 2nd floor of the student union building and outside the main undergraduate building.

Theological Institute for Peace and Unification of Korea

  • Looking into the future of unified Korea, this institute works to formulate theology of "Post-Unification Era" of peace and reconciliation, studies North Korean church history, encourages academic dialogue between north and the south, and seeks effective methods of mission for the Korean peninsula.

Institute of Church Music

  • Affiliated with the Academy of Continued Learning, this institute applies practical education and music theory of voice, piano, organ, choir conducting, etc., and seeks a professional level of Church music.

Methodist Institute for Women’s Leadership

  • The purpose of this institute is to provide the academic/practical foundation which will cultivate global Methodist leaders out of female theological students of the Methodist Theological University.