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Since the year 2005, the Methodist Theological University has installed the International Graduate Studies of Theology (IGST) for the purpose of training indigenous local pastors in Asia, Africa and East Europe. The IGST aims to help the local pastors and seminary students to complete the Th.M. courses in MTU in 2 years so that they can serve their home country when they return. In addition to the in-class study, students gain field experience by serving in English ministries in the large Korean Methodist churches. These local missions are more effective and sustainable compared to sending Korean missionaries who are foreigners in those countries.


  • Carrying out the more active and stronger ministry through training the local ministries
  • Training Local Leaders into Global Leaders
  • Globalization of Korean churches through partnership between Korean churches and churches from the Third World counties
  • Realization of vision for global campus of MTU


Curriculum for Th. M.
Curriculums Subjects Credits Remarks
Total Total Credits (Th. M.) 53
Th. M.

Term 1 New Testament Studies(I): Paul 3
Seminar in Systematic Theology 3
Seminar in History of Christian Thought 3
Understanding Korean Church's Ministry 3
Term 2 A History of Israelite Religion 3
Seminar in Historical Theology 3
Seminar in Christian Social Ethics 3
Evangelism and Mission 3
Term 3 New Testament Studies(II): Jesus 3
Methodist Theology 3
Asian Religion and Christianity 3
Worship and Preaching 3
Understanding Korean Society 1
Term 4
(12.5 Credits)
(Exemption of 2subjects )
Old Testament Theology 3
Counselingand Psychology 3
Sociology of Religion 3
Education and Ministry 3
Thesis (Th. M.) 6
Corequisite Korean Language I Pass 1st Semester
Korean Language II Pass 2nd Semester
Worship & Field Education 0.5 every Semester

* Th. M. Course has been just opening for admission since 2012 spring semester.


  • Qualification (Th. M. Admissions)

    Should be a Christian A confessing and mature believer (who has the assurance of salvation) with letters of recommendation from a pastor (bishop) or church leader.

    He or She must hold 4-year bachelor's degree or equivalent degree as recognized by law (completed before commencing graduate studies) with majoring in Theology.

    He or she is not a citizen of Korea. (He or She received entire elementary, junior high, high school, and undergraduate education outside of Korea.)

  • Regular Semester Programs

    Spring Semester (first semester): March 4~ mid- June (15 weeks)

    Fall Semester (second semester): last- August / September 2~ mid-December (15 weeks)

  • Required Documents: Must file all the documents

    [NOTE] All documents must be submitted in English*If necessary, additional documents can be added. Incomplete document can’t be reviewed. Once you submit your application documents, they cannot be changed or returned.

    1. 1) Completed Application for Admission (Using form with 1 photo attached)

      The application form should be filled out completely.

    2. 2) Certificate of Graduation

      original or attested documents by the Korean Embassy (must be notarized)

      Each applicant must submit a certificate of graduation from colleges, universities and/or seminaries previously attended. In unusual circumstances, a copy of diploma may be used as substitute. However, the school does not accept a transcript that bears the name of the degree as a replacement.

    3. 3) Official Transcripts

      original or attested documents by the Korean Embassy (must be notarized)

      Official transcripts must be submitted from all colleges, universities, and seminaries attended, including those from which the applicant did not receive a degree.[ Must be in English]

    4. 4) Personal Statements& Study Plan (using form)

      The personal statement and Study Plan form is an integral part of the application and is evaluated with great care by the Admissions Committee. The statement should give an account of the applicant's general background, previous academic work, and personal testimony. It is also important to address the reasons for undertaking theological study for the degree and the specific reasons for doing so at MTU. Applicants are requested to be as specific as possible regarding their academic and vocational interests. Be sure to type or write your statement clearly.

    5. 5) The Recommendation Letter

      Pastor or Bishop (or Church leader)

      Applicants should request letter of recommendation addressing the applicant's academic abilities, character, and promise for the professional direction under consideration. Applicant requires letter of recommendation from a leader of the church (pastor) that the applicant attends.

      [Recommendation letters must be sealed and signed across the seal. Should be written in English]

    6. 6) Church Attendance letter (using form)
    7. 7) The Honor Pledge (using form)
    8. 8) Certificate of baptism or a proved letter from your pastor
    9. 9) Four (4) Passport size photographs

      Passport-size [3cm*4cm- size photographs]

      All applicants must submit three (3) passport-size (Color photographs are preferred.).

    10. 10) A Copy of Passport

      All Applicants must submit a copy of the applicant's passport (Or other official documents which specify your nationality).

    11. 11) Curriculum Vitae (Resume) ? Write down in separate paper
    12. 12) Certificate of Citizenship of the Applicant and his/her parents: applicant’s family register, birth certificate, passport, etc.
    13. 13) Financial Statement (Financial Certification for admission) (using form)

      Please provide basic information about the financial resources for your education and living expenses. Please note that for your VISA issuance, additional certificates (banking information, employment/ business registration, tax payment information, etc.) may be required by the appropriate authorities.

    14. 14) Certificate of TOEFL SCORE

      English Test Score (TOEFL Score: Must be taken within 2 years)

      Applicants whose native is not English are required to submit test scores.

      A minimum TOEFL score should be more than 80/iBT, 217/CBT or equivalent

    15. 15) Certificate of TOPIK SCORE

      For those who apply for English program are exempt

      It can be substituted by school exam if the applicant doesn’t get score

    16. 16) Medical Reports

      All applicants are required to submit the enclosed medical report (the examination having occurred within the last 3 months). The report should contain the following information: 1.Height 2.Weight 3.Eyesight 4.Blood pressure 5. Blood type 6.Immunization and 7. Test results on pulmonary x-ray, FBS (Functioning Blood Sugar), LFT(Liver Function Test), CBC (Complete Blood Count), etc.

IGST Accumulative Number of Students (each country)

(As of April 2019)

IGST Accumulative Number of Students (each country)
Nation Course Number Total
Male Female
Total 50 19 69
India Th. M. 10   10
Philippines Th. M. 6 5 11
Kenya Th. M. 11 1 12
Myanmar Th. M. 3 4 7
Indonesia Th. M.   2 2
M. Div.   2 2
Bangladeshi M. Div. 2   2
Vietnam M. Div. 2   2
Sri Lanka Th. M. 3   3
Togo Th. M. 3   3
Pakistan M. Div.   2 2
Nepal M. Div. 1   1
Taiwan Th. M.   1 1
Liberia Th. M. 2 1 3
Russia M. Div.   1 1
Romania Th. M. 2   2
China M. Div. 1   1
Cuba Th. M. 1   1
Fiji Th. M. 2   2
Nigeria Th. M. 1   1

* Th. M. (2-year Course)


  • International Relations & Admissions

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    4) Email :

Office Hour: Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM- 5:30PM

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