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Leading the Withness to Gospel in Korea and World Mission The Methodist Theological University, the earliest school of theological education in korea.training Christian leadershop, practicing Christian faith, and witnessing the Gospel to the real world in 21st century.

department of Theology

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Nurturing pastors to serve the Methodist Church Raise leaders who are able to lead the nation andits People Produce Spiritual leaders to serve the world in the Global Context


graduate School

Doctor of Theology(Th.D.)

The Doctor of Theology degree program is permitted for persons with a M.Div. or Th.M. degree. The Th.D. pre


Master of Theology(Th.M.)

A two year program designed for students who have earned four-year Th.B. degree from recognized school.


Master of Divinity(M.Div.)

Admission as a M.Div student normally requires a bachelor of arts, bachelor of science, or equivalent degree


department of Christian Education

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Nurture Christian Educators to serve in the local church setting Produce Religious Educator to serve in the school setting Cultivate specialists who will promote and support lifelong Education


MTU Vision 2023 Strategic Plan

department of Philsophy Religion

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Produce religious Leaders to lead the Korean churches and the society Produce scholars to lead the study of Philosophy of Religion Produce specialist for lifelong Education


Message from the President President’s Greetings May God’s peace and grace be with you! The Methodist Theological University,

Message from the President